Debt Collection Services *No Recovery, No Rate Payable!

AAA Mercantile delivers truly professional debt collection services and our diplomatic yet firm approach protects of your brand.

Please refer to our pricing and rates schedules below - Effective 20 June 2017 (*Prices, rates, fees are exclusive of GST and subject to the Terms & Conditions)

Schedule 1.


Ideal for very occasional nuisance debts owing from time to time.

 Schedule 1: Annual Charge: $125.00 


Base rate 30%

Up to two matters annually

Schedule 2.


Ideal for businesses who encounter a small number of bad payers each year.

 Schedule 2: Annual Charge: $250.00 

Base rate 20%

Up to 5 matters annually

Schedule 3.


Ideal for businesses who frequently provide credit and encounter bad payers each year.

 Schedule 3: Annual Charge: $500.00 


Base rate 10%

Unlimited matters


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